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We want to empower people to take charge of their health to live a sustainable life.

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Plant based boost with specialty brewed coffee made easy

Proudly crafting rich, distinct and unforgettable flavours that drink to perfection.

Saving the environment one capsule at a time

We aren’t here to mess around when it comes to solving a problem and causing another. Our coffee pods are biodegradable and compostable, so that means you won’t be adding to the problem of aluminum pods and non-recyclable plastics in landfills. Even the ink is soy-based, because that’s how we want our story to be written.

Clean natural plant based functional ingredients

Harnessing the compelling properties in mushrooms and superfoods to awaken the best version of you every morning. Whether you seek a way to boost your mind, body, energy or immunity, the journey starts with Beams Coffee. We never use synthetic ingredients or products because we believe what is natural is good for you, and good energy creates good vibes.

Hand Crafted to perfection for a Barista

Forget everything you think you know about coffee. We are uniquely different, and different is great. Our addiction to pursuing perfection in a pod saw us visit some of the best coffee roasters and cafes in Melbourne and Sydney. Now we can deliver that barista quality straight to your home. Seek perfection, find it with Beams.


A bespoke medium bodied coffee blend with notes of stone fruit and sweetness, milk chocolate and caramel toffee. It is paired with Lions Mane, a natural plant-based nootropic that will help boost your memory, focus and concentration to give you that kick to start the day.

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Our quest across Sydney’s vibrant coffee scene led us to discover this sweet and aromatic coffee blend. Its silky texture and mellow hints of nectar softly awaken the palate. Compounds such as Tremella and Vitamin D found in this one of a kind brew, have multiple benefits on enzymes that protect the skin, hair and teeth.

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For the go-getters, an intense and savoury infusion of umami and nutmeg delivers a distinctly toasty finish. This bold blend is crafted with Cordyceps which help to boost stamina and reduce fatigue. It is a stand up and take notice kind of coffee that punches well above its weight and holds its flavour all the way to the final sip.

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For those who don’t espresso, this one is a crowd pleaser for our latte and flat white drinkers. Handpicked from Melbourne, the coffee capital of Australia, the sweet notes of caramel and almond create an experience that can be enjoyed any time of the day. The antioxidant properties of Reishi help regulate stress and boost immunity.

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